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Get the link

Be on the video, IGTV, stories, picture or photo you wish to save, copy the link that begins by http and paste it above.



That's the most difficult step, you now must click the download button just below where you pasted the link.



Just click on the new download button that appeared to finish saving and you're done!

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How to download Instagram videos?

This website is meant to be easy so you can save instagram videos and photos quickly without thinking about how it works. Still, some people which might feel comfortable using Instagram might not be on the regular internet. So I'm showing you a quick tutorial below on how to download anything on Instagram.

Step 1: Render yourself on the page of what you want to save. Find the link and copy it. See the picture below.

how to download instagram video step 1

Step 2: Go above this page, find the box and paste the link inside it. Once that's done, click the download button just below that box. See the picture below again.

how to download instagram video step 2

Step 3: Click on the new download button that just appeared, what you wanted to download will automatically get downloaded to your device. See that last picture below for reference.

how to download instagram video step 3

You're done! On a rate of 10 to 10, how much would you rate this process? 10 right? I knew it!

Yes, this Instagram Downloader is entirely free.

Well it depends which kind of use you have in plan for those downloaded instagram videos or pictures. If it's for commercial use, then I'm 99,9% sure it is illegal and you could face big trouble for doing so. If it's for personal and recreative use, for finding inspiration... All those instagram stories, video and photo are being shared in a public fashion, they are meant to be seen so as long as it is not for impersonation or profit I'm guessing it's 100% fine! Please be responsible for your own!

Users are free to choose whether they want to share their stories, video and pictures publicly or privately. Publicly means anyone can see all photos and videos of an user without having an Instagram account himself. Privately means that only their followers can see what they share. Our website isn't (yet) capable of downloading such things being privately shared... maybe this could be the reward for reaching our target goal just above ? :) :D

Of course! There is no limitations on this website (yet). I do not have plan for it so please yourself and spend the rest of your life with me here <3

Yes as long as they are publicly shared. Just enter the username of the person you wish to download stories from, and you'll be showed with a list of their 10 most recent stories that you can freely download.