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The purpose of my website

1 Why starting this website?

As a student Web Developer, I was near the completion of my studies and I had to find a project to show I had the knowledge and required skills to get my hands on the diploma. Considering I spend a lot of time on Instagram while being a photographer in my spare time as a hobby, I end up downloading quite a lot of photos on Instagram to find some sort of inspiration.

If you are a photographer like me, then angle, distance, lighting, and of course most importantly the environment not to forget the equipment itself are all very important. Anyway, at first I just wanted to make a website specifically for photographer, just them being able to share their photo but in a technical way, being able to share the complete settings they use fashionably and easily, but I quickly realized it's a very niche website and photographer are certainly already quite satisfied with Instagram for instance.

So instead I had the idea of making this website. Something I'd call an Instagram Downloader which is meant to just input a link and it gives you the ability to very easily get what you wanted to download. I'm confident this website allows me to show all the skills I've got over the past few years of hard work.

I sincerely hope you will like using this website and keep using it for your Instagram downloading needs!

On a side note, I made some fun little contest game which is visible on the homepage. Basically, the more you will download the closer we get to the target goal, as the goal gets achieved, I will decide what will happen, so let's share this website with your friends and enjoy using it!